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Find a perfect home pet companion.  
PETS HOME is a pet home founded by several intivituals that are passionate about pets, specifically dogs, kittens, bird and horses! Our trainers have been working as a consultant to a 15 year old store in the area lending their expertise in buying and teaching the staff how to train other peoples pets.
Combined they have over 15 years of experience in training and selling pets. Their experience with puppies, cats, birds and the merchandise they carry is evident once you enter the beautiful new 3000 square foot facilities located in Florida and Virgina,. The dog trainers and groomers of this new store and have been carefully screened by the founders.

Shipping is available worldwide.

You're welcome to pickup your puppy in person, of course, but sometimes busy schedules or long distances make that impractical. If this is the case for you, check out some of the shipping options below: (Note that some breeders/sellers may prefer making shipping arrangements themselves, you or the breeder are not under any obligation to use the shipping services below)

Some more shipping information:

All you have to do is pickup the puppy at the airport, (with airline shipping) however you will need to find someone at the other end to take the puppy to the airport. Check with the breeder to see if they would be willing to do this. Or you might be able to work out arrangements to meet the breeder or shipper halfway. (sometimes a lot cheaper than air shipping).

Buyer typically covers shipping fees                                                                                                                   
Note: Airline ticket rates do not include a travel crate (which is not optional) nor does it cover the transportation costs of taking the puppy to the airport, or the required Health Certificate that is needed. These are details you must work out with the breeder..